Calo Organic Farm

The Calo Farm of St. Paul University Dumaguete is a 7 hectare organic farm that consists of vegetables, fruits, livestock, fish, and poultry that employs a staff of 2 professional managers and 17 farm employees.

It markets all its products to local buyers and provides the school campus with a steady source of organic foods, composts animal and food waste as a source of fertilizer, and operates three fish ponds.

The short range plans call for the following:

Energy Self-Sufficiency

Animal wastes bio-converters will be used to produce methane gas for fuel and electricity to meet the energy needs of the farm. Human wastes will provide gas for cooking using septic tank converters.

Entrepreneurial Processing Centers

Processing operations are planned for farm-raised vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat products, providing SPDU students with a living and working learning center.

Medicinal Herbal Gardens

It will provide pharmaceuticals for the Community Natural Healing Clinic.

Calo Organic Farm Photo Presentation

Long Term Plans

The Calo Farm is a living and functioning learning center, with limitless possibilities. The farm operations, research, entrepreneurial activities, marketing strategies, use of highly nutritional foods, outreach and education to surrounding communities, seminars, and training sessions will all be integrated into the SPUD curriculums from elementary to university levels.

Natural Healing Clinic

The products from the farm will be used for healthy nutrition for clinic users and their families, the medicinal herbs will serve as natural pharmaceuticals, and nursing students will have expanded learning opportunities for service and learning.
Images below represent the Natural Healing Center Floor Plans

Land Stewardship for Healthy Communities

Calo Farm is a teaching-learning project that serves the University students, faculty and staff and the surrounding communities. Starting with students in the elementary grades, the farm can be an invaluable tool to teach stewardship, healthy living, healthy organic farming and pest control, better nutrition for preventive health, and appreciation of the land and all it can provide.

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